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About Us

Everything that a child will learn starts at home. Although I agree with that, I also believe it does and it will take a village to raise a child. So, the purpose of this podcast will be to share the stories of Hmong men whom has broken through barriers with their stories. It is for the child or man who is contemplating suicide. It is to the man that can’t stop smacking his so beloved around. It is to the man that is wanting to break free from addiction. It is to the man who is in search of his own identity and place in the strict and yet evolving Hmong culture and tradition. It is to the man who feels alone. It is to the man or child who does not have anyone to turn to. It is to the young man and child that simply just needs guidance. It is to the child and young man who has dreams💭 and goals💫. We hope that you will ENJOY and find these real life stories encouraging and lifting and in tough times you can use it as a teaching tool. For those that don’t have access to these stories, we hope that these stories will echo through others and reach you !! POSITIVE VIBES ONLY 🙌

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