Round Table Talk

Round table talk

February round table talk w/ some friends and his experience w/ his ex wife and more.

March round table talk and the order of what we discuss about is:  infatuation, long distance relationships, red flags, men & women can be friends, toxic relationships and lastly self loved.   Enjoy!

April round talk talk discussion is about drinking culture.  

Our first ever Facebook Live for May Round Table Talk!  Will be live May 7th. 3pm ct!

June Round table talk w/ the 2 Hmong bois at 5pm cst  5/4/20.

July 2nd Round table talk w/ HAIB.  

August 6th Round table talk

Round table talk

October 1st Round table talk FASHION

December 3rd

January 7th Fitness

Feb. 4th Love and Relationship

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